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Multicultural writing

Work produced with FORTUNE 500 companies targeting the multicultural group (now 37.5% of the American market)

Developed ad concepts and campaigns, ad copy, brand guidelines, email marketing newsletters, TVC storyboards and scripts, social media posts, and various collaterals for FORTUNE 500 companies targeting a growing minority group

Coke | Citibank | Western Union | Vonage | Dish | MassMutual

Coke Superbowl Ad

Copywriting & Translation Consultant

Copywriting Consultant for Tagalog portion -- Coke for Superbowl multilingual TV commercial


Copywriting in English with cultural considerations for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian transcreations

Concept: Good = Better

Print ad and Place-based ad for Chinese markets in strategic Chinese areas in the US.
Storyboard copy for TVC, Chinese market in the US
Citibank Lunar New Year ad, English copy translated to Chinese and Korean by co-copywriters

Western Union

Copywriter for 8 years

Concept: Move Money for Better Move-money-for-better-concept.png

Concept: Yes! Every Little Thing Counts

Western Union Back to School Ad Campaign

TVC -- Western Union, Filipino market

Storyboard and copy for run across the US concept
Taking photo of my ad in Bart train platform

Concept: The Gift of Cash



Copywriter for TV commercial


Copywriter in English with Chinese, Korean and Japanese transcreation considerations.

Dish Network Campaigns

  1. Subscription campaign: Sweepstakes to Pacquiao-Marquez fight to win courtside tickets
  2. TV Everywhere campaign: Free Cinemax, HBO and StarZ as well free Blockbuster DVD mailer --- all for 3 months when people subscribe to Dish
  3. Sling TV campaign

TV Everywhere Campaign

Offer Sling TV for those who like to bring their TV everywhere and watch their favorite ethnic shows on their chosen mobile device

Target markets: Filipino, Chinese and Japanese markets, only in the US

TV5 Launch in the US

Offer Mabuhay Package for only $19.99/mo

Target market: Filipinos, only in the US


Aztra Zeneca

Tagrisso ad (Translated to Filipino/Tagalog)


Mainstream writing

Branding, Content & Marketing