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Twitter or how to let your life pass you by

By Dennis Clemente

NEW YORK-- Let's see. You have Facebook and other social networking sites so you can keep up with "friends" you don't know. You have RSS feeders on top of your news aggregators. You have video/TV streaming online....

You have cable service with 200 channels, 40 in HD and 40 hours of recorded shows you haven't watched. You have iPhone apps and podcast subscriptions and music you downloaded illegally but not bothered to listen to. You have both online and PS3 games. You have Internet on your phone.

What else did we miss? Oh, your life? What life?!
What else can you waste your time with these days? We almost forgot... there's Twitter, a social messaging utility you can use to stay connected in real time. By real time, we mean you can now officially let your life pass you by in real time.

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