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So who's chicken? A tale of two ethnicities

By Dennis Clemente

A sequel to my previous inquisition, "Where is Filipino food in the US marketplace?", this latest piece announces the new Filipino American restaurants doing their best to market Filipino food to non-Filipinos in the United States.

Meanwhile, Filipino-owned Jollibee and Max's continue to cater only to Filipinos.

Out of sight, out of mind? The Korean chain BonChon has 16 US branches to Jollibee’s 27–but it has diverse customers and great reviews

I have retained the original title, "So who's chicken? A tale of two ethnicities" to belabor the point about how Filipinos should be doing what other ethnic restaurants are doing--target the American market to sustain their business.

Comments have poured in about the limits of Filipino cuisine. I say one's imagination in tweaking Filipino food need not be limited.

Chew on the story here: