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HK interns enjoy Asian American ad work in NY

Every year Admerasia hosts an internship program for university students from Hongkong as part of its agreement with the Cross-Cultural Internship Program (CCIP).

University students from the CCIP program get hands-on work experience from Admerasia in New York.

The program’s mission is to promote cultural exchange and understanding between the United States and other parts of the world by opening the doors to a pool of talented overseas students to U.S-based companies as well as providing students with a glimpse of American approaches to business challenges, work culture, practices and nuances.

In the summer of 2010, Admerasia’s first batch of interns (more to follow) from Hongkong—Nok Ming (Jason) Cheung, Yuen Yan Leung, Cheung Wing Kay Ricky and Sheung Wan (Sharon) Cheung showed us how they are primed to become good marketers in the future.

Our interns were all business—and good presenters besides at 17 years of age. Yes, one of them is that young.

On their last day, they gave us thoughtfully written thank-you cards, certainly a lost art for many in this fabled city but one that teaches us also how different cultures have their own way of expressing their gratitude.

We are also grateful and we wish them all the best

Nimesh Trivedi of Client Services (in orange) and Jie Liu (in blue), our IT guy pose with summer interns Jason, Sharon, Kinki and Ray.

In photo are: Nimesh Trivedi (in orange) of Client Services and Jie Liu (in blue), our IT guy with interns Jason, Sharon, Kinki and Ricky.