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From one generation to another, jazz torch is passed

By Dennis Clemente

NEW YORK--In the incredible Filipino-American Jazz concert at the Triad on Dec. 11, one talented Filipino jazz artist after another strode onstage saying it was the first time the group held its jazz festival in the city.

Without explaining their long nonappearance on the New York jazz scene, the audience' curiosity was piqued, especially since the parade of performers showcased that night (on some festivals, there are other or more performers) had every right to be on that stage. The festival has had a successful five-year run in Los Angeles, two years in San Francisco.

The challenge before, said Michael Konik, owner of FreeHam Records, was logistics. Konik, also the North American manager of Filipino jazz sensation Charmaine Clamor, did not elaborate. However, he made it very clear that Clamor's recent success on the New York jazz scene is one of the reasons the festival was now in the Big Apple, finally.

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