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Admerasia provides strong Asian American advertising agency support to MassMutual

As they say in the movies, there are no small parts. Every scene or part has to matter to the viewer. For this reason, it was great to see Admerasia playing an important role in the extensive, five-page cover story on Roger Crandall, president and CEO of MassMutual in the American Executive, the reputable monthly magazine for executives.

This role was the appearance of Admerasia’s Chinese Lunar New Year print ad from 2009, which features MassMutual honoring a Chinese sublime art form. As shown here, the red couplet calligraphy conveys the message, “prosperous in many things in life.”

What do couplets do? They are glued on doorframes by the Chinese to bring good wishes for the coming year, which the headline also addressed: “May your wishes come true this New Year and for years to come”

The body copy reads: “As you write down your aspirations for this Lunar New Year, let MassMutual’s financial strength and over 157 years of experience providing innovative insurance products and financial services help you plan for the future wisely.”

The Chinese Lunar New Year ad is just one of many ad campaigns MassMutual is doing with the leading Asian American advertising agency to address a vastly growing diverse country.

Says Crandall, “As an industry, we need to make sure that we look like the country around us, and MassMutual is at the forefront of these efforts.”

MassMutual’s multicultural efforts have also made an impact in its recruitment of diverse talent. It reportedly employed 15% of financial professionals in 2009 from multicultural backgrounds.

To read the Crandall story in full, see link below. Online link does not have the Lunar New Year ad, which was featured in the printed version of American Executive: