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Free market tours to Filipino, South Asian communities in Jersey City

Admerasia’s clients get their fair share of data that help them target just two of our many ethnic market audiences, Filipinos and Asian Indians, as cited below.

» About 80% of nearly 2 million Filipinos in the U.S. are U.S. citizens
» Most foreign-trained nurses in the U.S. at 43%
» Largest supplier of foreign seafarers at 36.6%
» Largest household size at 3.37


» 100% pop. growth rate against 7.6% entire U.S.
» 1/3 of Silicon Valley engineers
» Doctors number 35,000
» Household annual median income is highest at $83,820

If you are a marketer curious enough to know how your ethnic market lives and do business, going beyond the data can provide you insights that can help keep your brand healthy in a diverse America. No, it doesn’t count that you have been in a restaurant or two.

Admerasia gives immersion experiences of Chinatown and Koreatown in New York as well as the communities of Filipinos and Asian Indians in Jersey City, where their similar business establishments co-exist, to companies targeting the Asian American market. The video here features both Filipino and Asian Indian businesses on Newark Avenue in Jersey City. If you want the tour, just fill up the form in the main Admerasia site.