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FORTUNE 500 clients roll out Lunar New Year ads

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Xin Nan Kuai Le! Se He Bok Mani Baduseyo! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

Citibank, Lowe’s and MassMutual, three of Admerasia’s many clients, might as well be speaking the language of the Chinese, Koreans and the Vietnamese, as the Fortune 500 companies join in the celebration of this most important holiday, Lunar New Year. (See related article on

Admerasia, the leading Asian American ad agency, has certainly paved the way for these brands to talk directly to their Asian consumers.

Consumers know Citibank is a bank that understands not only their financial needs but their cultural needs, too. This is showcased in its Lunar Ad campaign where a family is shown having a healthy dose of fun face-painting each other to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

Here, the face-painting also conveys how looking the part is akin to being a Tiger —strong, energetic and prosperous.

The Tiger zodiac also symbolizes protection, and security that fits with Citibank’s important selling points to its customers.

For this Lunar New Year ad campaign, Citibank has again come up with a promotion component featuring culturally relevant premium rewards. All 3 tiers of the premiums represent the vitality, prosperity and the essence of the Tiger.

Chinese version
Chinese version

Asians rely on the foundation of their filial relationships. Lowe’s understands this only too well which is why it has also established so many campaign/brand firsts for Asians, including the Asian Gift Card and Asian in-language websites.

For its Lunar New Year campaign, Lowe’s built around the concept of viewing the New Year as a time to make a fresh start and do a makeover. For Lowe’s, this means helping ensure good energy and harmony to Asian homes the whole year-round.

The ad campaign is inspired by the Asian calendar and includes elements that tie in with home improvement. Certain dates are highlighted with snippets on home improvements in addition to tips for enhancing homes with Lowe’s products.

The calendar also carries both light and serious inspirational thoughts. One dated February 14 reads: “Lunar New Year celebration: Appease your in-laws with an Asian Gift Card. Another dated March 21 reads: “First day of Spring: Add color to life—plant new seeds.”


In showcasing its commitment to the Chinese and Koreans, MassMutual has also come up with an ad campaign that is just as meticulous as the company’s dedication to helping Asians fulfill their goals with the company.

The ad features the head image of a Tiger with an assortment of goodies that conveys an overall festival feeling. One item after another combines to form a whole neat package, much like the experience the audience gets from MassMutual.

For the Chinese and Koreans, the ad imparts wonderful blessings and good wishes. For the Chinese specifically, it is a sign of abundance–a message that MassMutual also cultivates in several of its programs and activities for the Asian market.

For these three clients, Admerasia has certainly crafted highly artistic and effective Lunar New Year themes that have helped these brands make steady inroads into the growing 13 million Asian market. Consumers are happy to know that their needs are being addressed directly.

Gift-giving is a major part of this holiday tradition. Citibank, Lowe’s and MassMutual are pleased to have taken a part in their own way. (MassMutual ad Chinese, top; Korean ad, bottom)