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2009 Asian calendar calls for nurturing the recession-weary soul

How can we do better with our lives? That is the theme of the Nurture 2009 calendar with words from Zan Ng, Amerasia co-founder and artwork by Andrea Peterson. Some words of wisdom are culled from various sources that have become Zan’s favorites.

“The New Year comes with new challenges: a new way of restoring our equilibrium, so we can proceed with living after experiencing the volatility of 2008,” says Zan.

For the month of January, Zan starts somber with “There is nurture in nature,” to depict his concern for the environment, but by March, his words take flight:.”Like a bird you can fly a very long way.”

Going even more profound but still sensible, he provides encouragement in April: ”The thunder is loud but the rain is small.”

Zan proceeds with more inspiring words that aim to give us more structure, focus and direction in 2009, a timely advice for a challenging time.